Your Bowfishing Experience Matters

Brossman Boys Bowfishing will do what they can to provide you a great adventure. Water clarity and weather can dictate the outcome, and is not controllable. Captain's Aaron and Corey will do what they can to put you on top of the Stingrays. Cownose, Bullnose, Southern Rays, and Butterflys are very common to see. Atlantic Needle fish and Mullet are also common to see. 

Bowfishing Equipment

AMS Hooligan Bows equipped with AMS gear is provided. Innerloc arrows and points are also included. An Excalibur Crossbow may be used if needed. If you choose to bring your own gear, we recommend the Big Game Retrievers from AMS to be used, or a larger bottle from AMS on a TNT reel.  We strongly recommend using our gear for this adventure. 

Fish Cleaning

Stingrays are great eating and we encourage each ray to be cleaned for
consumption. All efforts can be made to keep the rays fresh during your trip. You will be responsible for ice to keep the meat cool. Ice is available at the Marina.  Stingray Cleaning is available for $5.00 per ray (cow nose-Southerns-Bullnose)  $20.00 per Butterfly rays.


We run a 22 foot Pontoon boat with a 2020 115 motor. A second kicker motor is on the boat to help us get into the shallows. 2 Honda Generators will keep the lights working on your trip. 


If the weather is deemed dangerous the Captain has the option to cancel, postpone or cut the trip short. 

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